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I know I'm a flirt, and Paul Achs still remains top...however we've just had a simple roast chicken - thanks to Maxy Boy from Pastures Farm - and with it we slurped two Julien Guillot wines The BEST 'pair' I've ever tasted. The white would have competitors from the best of Burgundy at much more than the £30 price tag - Macon Cruzille Aragonite (Chardonnay) - but the red is the best Gamay I've ever tasted (Jacky Janodet Mouin-a-Vent is a close equal) Macon Cruzille red (Gamay)at £25 a bottle it's effectively free given the petrol price reductions. Get your petrol from Tesco, but don't put it on the dinner table. 
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On 16th January 2015 at 17:53, Russell wrote:
drank some Paul Achs Blaufrankisch last night - superb