Bacchus Wine Special Offers
We offer a broad range of beers. Our biggest sellers are local ales from local brewers such as Phipps, Hoggleys, Concrete Cow (including canned IPA and canned Lager), Horne's Vale and White Park. We also sell a wide range of beers of all styles from breweries throughout the UK. 
We stock a range of beers from the continent. The Belgian beers are ever popular - Kwak, Chimay, Rochefort, La Chouffe, La Trappe, Delerium Tremens, Westmalle and the entire Leffe range. We also stock a number of the gift packs with glasses. Just arrived is a range of premium German beers. We have exclusivity for many of these within the Milton Keynes area. 
In addtition we have a range of 'world' beers.